5 questions you should ask yourself before a career change

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I really liked this short blog (link below) about career change. It is true that we always think that the grass is greener... But the fundamental question here is to ask yourself also what does success look like for you? Is it really that big raise that will make you happier/more fulfilled/complete? Is it the people around/the company culture/ the company reputation? If that is the case, what will improve in your life as a consequence. For the last decades, there has been too much emphasis on better salaries, busier lives, higher positions, without really asking ourselves, is that really our goal in life? Is this will make us feel happier/more satisfied? All I am asking right now is to pause for a moment and consider our priorities... To be continued... Next post   http://www.mycareertopia.com/5-important-questions-career-change/