About Career 3.0: What does it stand for?

The name Career 3.0 comes from the fact that I strive to look at careers in a completely new and different way. I feel that the way we have approached careers lags the transformation of other areas in life, such as:

Why I decided to become a Coach?

After a career in consulting at Deloitte, banking and Executive Search, I founded my own executive coaching company in 2013 in London to address the multiple requests from professionals seeking help to further develop their high powered global careers with a more empathic approach.  I specialise in developing communication skills, self-confidence, self-awareness and motivation. I am passionate about using the power of coaching conversations to enable meaningful and lasting change in people’s career. I have helped clients across a wide range of industries in several companies such as Amazon, Ernst & Young, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Inditex, Prada Group, PWC, etc. and more specifically in Banking, Private Equity, New Tech, Renewable Energies and Luxury.


I am an expert in Career Development and a certified Executive Coach in the global market working with professionals from all over the world, including Spain, the UK, France, Morocco, Luxembourg and the US. who are eager to stretch their abilities and maximise their potential in demanding international careers. I am trilingual and can deliver coaching in English, Spanish and French.

More about me Here.

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I decided to get some executive coaching because I wasn’t happy of how my career was progressing…

Head of Sales, Fashion Industry
I was initially a bit skeptical about coaching and how it could help my development. But after a few sessions with Kenza, the value I perceived was enormous…
E.B. Director, Global Bank
Kenza has a unique skill at identifying development issues and raising self awareness whilst highlighting valuable insights of behaviour…
Farzana Baduel, Managing Director, Curzon PR

My Credentials

Why Choose Me & Career 3.0?

  • I am a trained & accredited Executive coach by ICF and EMCC at Senior Practitioner Level.

  • I am an Associate Member of the the AC (Association of Coaching) and subscribe to its code of ethics and good practice & I am a member of ICF (the International Coach Federation) Member Directory here

  • I am a NLP Masters practitioner (trained by Dr. R. Bandler himself – co-founder of NLP)

  • I have also trained in Transpersonal psychology at the largest transpersonal education centre in the UK (CCPE). This helps me get a deeper understanding of underlying career issues.
  • We can conduct the sessions in either English, Spanish or French if you prefer
  • I have extensive experience as a Recruitment specialist which gives me an unique edge as Career Coach
  • I have worked form all sides of the table in Recruitment (as a Headhunter and as the Head of Executive Recruitment at one of the largest international bank)
  • I build trusting, confidential relationships with my clients
  • You will feel in a safe, non-judgmental environment
  • You will feel listened to and supported throughout the process
  • My coaching skills are all about helping eliminating the inner obstacles and drawing out your untapped latent inner talent/wealth within each one of us
  • I can appreciate the stress of your corporate career (I have worked in high pressured and fast paced environments like banking, consulting and boutiques firms)
  • My process is focused on tangible results which we establish and agree on from the start
  • I have used a coach myself and understand the process from your perspective

My Services