Career Guidance with Career 3.0

The first step will be to meet for a first free informal session and assess your needs and requirements. Each session will be tailored to your individual needs.

What can I offer?

  • One-on-One sessions with an experienced coach and former headhunter/executive search consultant. You will be attentively listen to
  • CV writing/design/tips and polishing  (dramatically improve it if necessary)
  • I can give you insights about your real talents (I can use competencies tests and other standardized psychometric tests used by employers and headhunters globally)
  • Increase your visibility within the the right recruiter networks and grow your network
  • Make sure you are showing the best of yourself on social networks (Linkedin is key today in marketing your skills and finding out new opportunities)
  • I can help you with your Interview preparation (practice competency based questions and constructive feedback)

In our final step, I will make absolutely certain that you are able to succeed in your endeavours and therefore also aim to help in more “straight-forward” aspects of your career.

Having worked with several aspiring and experienced professionals I continue to be impressed by the benefits they have gained in a short amount of time by utilizing some of these techniques. Many able candidates also fail to secure their desired jobs because of a lack of preparation for interviews. There is a wealth of information available online on all the topics I just mentioned but I believe no one can match my tailored and dedicated guidance.

Each process will be completely tailored to your unique case and background.

My Services

The first impression you will give any employer/business partner and a chance to showcase your skills and achievements. Must be sharp, adapted to each employer and easy to read.
Your chance to sell yourself and find out about your prospective role. The one skill that is seldom taught throughout our education despite its value.
Increase your chances of meeting like-minded or inspirational people. Networking is a skill, both offline and online. Remember, sometimes “It’s not about what you know but who you know”.

Have the edge on your competition

We can help you find your goal and then work alongside you through every step your career journey