Testimonials- Coaching with Kenza

Career Coaching for a a Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager

Thank you Kenza for being clear minded by helping me order my thoughts after a two year career break and achieving the career transition I was looking for. I was facing a complex decision in terms of multiple priorities (two small children, desire for a sustainable pace of work, a solid institution, sufficient intellectual challenge). To complicate matters further I also wanted to transition to growth equity technology investing after a career in public markets investing. With Kenza, I was able to walk the full journey of the transition. She helped me break each variable down to its key components, analyze the various options to discover what mattered more to me, craft the message on why I am transitioning and how I am repositioning my profile and lastly, work through the various offers in terms of opportunities, people, potential development and how it fit with my original goals. Thank you for the constant guidance and sharp questions bringing out my deeper layer thoughts on each issue.

R.R, Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager, London

Career Coaching for a Senior Wealth Manager

The coaching sessions gave me the opportunity to confront my vision / conception of myself and see clearly that it was somehow twisted by old fears. My purpose was to be more serene in my journey looking for a new position in London. In the end, I decided to set up my own company.

The sessions have also allowed me to unload a lot of preoccupations and give each of them the right importance. As a result, my stress was greatly relieved, I gained common sense in evaluating my own situation and I feel now much more serene.

It seems that I gained a better sense of reality, neither too optimistic nor too pessimistic – just looking at things as they really are, without the impact of phantasmagorical fears.

The sessions were extremely helpful and served their main purpose.

S.S, Senior Wealth Manager, Paris & London

Career Coaching for an independent Nutritionist

I was at a stage in my life where I felt unable and illegitimate in my job. I had heard about coaching before, but wasn’t sure if it was suitable for me…

At the first session with Kenza, I was impressed by her ability to nail down my concerns. She well highlighted what I had achieved over the pas 10 years and helped me to set specific and realistic goals in order to succeed in my career.

I highly recommend coaching with Kenza, thanks to her, I know what I want to achieve in my life. In few words… what you need is a good listener and someone who knows how to ask the right questions, and  it suddenly makes sense!”   

Catherine L, Nutritionist, London & Paris

Executive Coaching for a Director in PE, transitioned from Renewable Energy

I was referred to Kenza by an acquaintance when I was looking for some executive coaching advise to help me analyse my situation within the company I was working for, after there had been some market and organisational changes. I didn’t know whether to stay where I was or to move on. I also had some questions about my managerial capabilities that were undermining my confidence slightly. Basically, I needed some focus, guideline, and support even tough I already had done some coaching in the past with little results. 

However, Kenza was great in providing me with what I needed. I found in her the support I required to structure my thinking and extract the emotions and bias from some of my preconceived thoughts. As the situation in my company evolved, some new issues arised and others resolved. Kenza allowed me to pick and choose the theme I wanted to explore and set goals at the beginning of each session, which gave me a very good structure and the ability to witness my own progress.

At the end of the programme I had a much better idea of what I wanted and had a strategy to achieve so. Certainly worth the time and value invested.   

I.O, Director, Private Equity, London

Career Coaching for an Investment Banker

I wanted to build a meaningful career, yet I was lost among too many options and unable to identify what was right for me.
I was then lucky to connect with Kenza.

Kenza challenges you and encourages you. She has the remarkable ability to ask you the right questions which naturally help you organise your thinking. She is extremely professional and rigorous: sessions are systematically concluded with key takeaways and actionable next steps. In a few months, my job search got more efficient, my presentational skills got sharper and my confidence got boosted.

Not only did I land a perfect new job, but I have also learnt how to structure a career plan and how to execute it.

H.H, Investment Banker, London

Career Coaching for an Investment Banker, now in New Tech

Kenza is remarkable at creating a safe and comfortable environment for the client to discuss career topics openly. In addition to being supportive and empathetic, she has the ability to ask the right questions, particularly in situations where an important decision has to be made, helping the client identify what’s important to them.

What is truly great about Kenza is that no problem or issue raised by her client is too small, and she’ll make sure to address what is top of mind. Thanks Kenza, I’m grateful for the fantastic work that you do.”

D.F, Former Inv Banker, New Tech, San Francisco, US

Career Coaching for an M&A Director

Thank you Kenza, the sessions have helped me understand how I could advance my career quicker and regain confidence. I wanted to make sure I was on the right track but I realised I wasn’t. In the sessions, I was able to visualise what was really important for me in a job and in my life. I started the training I needed and 6 months in, I couldn’t be happier and feeling elated toward my next goal. Kenza created the perfect space  for me to think creatively in a structured way. I felt I could tell her anything and felt understood.

S. M, Career Coaching for a M&A Director, London

Career Guidance & Coaching for an MD in Investment Banking

We had meaningful sessions that made realise issues that were blocking my progression in life. I felt challenged but not pushed and at ease with her non-judgemental approach. I had to transition to a new career and it wasn’t easy in this economy. However, after 1 year, I think I can say I found a new career path. Kenza was very good at spotting my inconsistencies and limiting beliefs. I highly recommend a few sessions with her if you feel stuck, or need to rethink how your career is progressing, worth the investment!

Alex T, MD, Investment Banking, London

Career Coaching for an Investment Banker

“As a headhunter Kenza helped me find my current job and a few years later she helped me again but this time as a coach! She offered me a free session to discuss my current career objectives and why I was not getting the promotions I felt I deserved. Since then, my outlook has completely changed and I feel elated for the next challenge! I also have been promoted”

Fernando. S, London, Head of Investments, London

Executive Coaching for a Head of Sales in Fashion

“I decided to get some executive coaching because I wasn’t happy of how my career was progressing. Too much work, stress and not enough development and recognition. Kenza made me think about the talents that set me apart and how could these contribute really to my professional development. She challenged me to state my long term goals for the success of my career and at the same time for the success of my company. I started to see a clear career path and felt less impatient and more focused and driven.

Among other things, she made me identify key initiatives to achieve that. All in all, I felt supported, challenged, and listened to throughout our long journey. All this has had a major impact on my career even in the short term. Really a big thank you!!”

Diana.S, Head of Sales in Fashion, Paris-London

Executive Coaching for a Small Business Owner

“I run my own business which can be very challenging and lonely at times. After a few tough months for the business, my motivation started to wane. I wasn’t sure where my lack of inspiration was coming from, but I am so glad I have found Kenza who has intently listened to me and helped me understand how to find inner peace within me and regain the confidence which made me set up my business in the first place!”

Amy M, Owner, Digital Marketing Agency, London

Career Coaching & Career Guidance

“What makes a good coach is one’s capacity to remain open-minded, non-judgemental, actively listen and put clients at ease. This is precisely what Kenza does. Right from the start I felt comfortable and felt I could talk openly about anything. One of the objectives – and one that is long overdue – was to re-vamp my CV. This I have achieved and more. The career guidance not only boosted my confidence but in turn made me feel proud about my accomplishments.”

C.G, University Profesor, London

Career Coaching for a Senior Consultant in FS

“The one attribute I would highlight about Kenza is her supportiveness. I believe I was not an easy client as I found myself quite lost professionally when we first started. Yet she has proved to be a very good listener. She creates the appropriate non-judgmental atmosphere in which areas of improvement can be tackled as well as your unique skills identified and developed.

Having the opportunity to coach with her came just on time in my life. She has helped me clarify my goals and provided me with the necessary tools to reach them. Through career guidance, I have gained more confidence and I am better prepared for future challenges. I strongly recommend having an initial session with her as the experience can not disappoint.”

Marta DLC, Senior Consultant in Financial Services, London

Career Coaching for a Private Banker

“Before taking it up coaching with Kenza, I did not know what coaching meant really. It was a new concept for me and I was unsure if it could help me and / or if I was ready for it.

After having the first exploratory meeting with her, I realized that it could really be great for my career and for me as an individual. I was in a stage in my life where I had too many questions but struggled to find the answers.

Over the coaching sessions, one of the things I learned very quickly was that one of its greatest values was that it pushed me into taking the time to define clearly what I wanted out of life and in my new job. Kenza was very patient and understanding, yet she challenged me to find all the solutions doing my own thinking process and guiding me to establish measures for the outcomes.

All in all, coaching was a great experience for me. I gained more confidence and assertiveness. I now feel proud about where I stand in my career, both because the delivery of my work and because of the values that drive my actions behind that. She helped me identifying all of this. Thank you so much Kenza!”

Laura L, Private Banker, London

Executive Coaching for a Director in Professional Services

I am working in one the big four and lately, progression was limited. I started working with Kenza to re-evaluate how I could rise above and improve my soft skills. Through a combination of attentive self-analysis, self-awareness work, engagement training in communication and leadership skills, I was able to improve how I presented myself at work. Her ability to immediately understand complex business issues, Kenza made me reconsider my problems in the office and reconcile with some hard trues. It has also showed me how to set goals and achieve them while knowing how to prioritise and communicate adequately with colleagues, my boss and clients.

Marco D, Director Professional Services, London

Career Guidance & Coaching for a COO

During a key transitional point where I was assessing career options, Kenza provided coaching insight and practical guidance in helping me to shape my directional choices. Ultimately this led to me moving from a large corporate organisation to leading a SME private business.

David S, Chief Operating Officer, Financial Services, London

Career Coaching for a senior legal professional

Few people have the opportunity to work with an outstanding coach—but I did when I met Kenza. I had the pleasure of being coached by her few months after I arrived in London as an expatriate.

I was in awe of Kenza’s ability to perfectly understand my career path and instantly summarize my concerns and my goals. She has also led to a deep reflection with my issues but ultimately let me find and choose what to do. That skill often takes years to develop but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to Kenza. She is a great listener, compassionate and always asks the relevant questions to make you think about your talent, your wish and your objective. Kenza is a fantastic professional coach and earns my highest recommendation.

D.B, Senior Lawyer, London

Career Coaching for an Independent Professional

“As a Brit the concept of coaching seemed alien and self-indulgent to me. That was until one day I found myself lost and purpose-less, and for the first time I could not just rely on my extended network of friends and family to find where I was heading next. I needed a fresh perspective and after a few friends recommended reaching out to a coach, I reluctantly contacted Kenza via friends. A few months later, I feel like I had been missing out on such important aspects on my life. I am now so much more relaxed and positive!”

Sebastian. P, independent architect, London

Executive Coaching for an MD, PR agency

“Kenza has a unique skill at identifying development issues and raising self awareness whilst highlighting valuable insights of behaviour. She helped me understand recurring patterns in my approach to issues and set goals in a clear and measurable framework moving forward.”

Farzana Baduel, Managing Director, Curzon PR, London

Executive Coaching for a Banker

I was initially a bit skeptical about coaching and how it could help my development. But after a few sessions with Kenza, the value I perceived was enormous.”
For me coaching is now having the opportunity to take a break on your daily routine and spending time to think, share with your coach and plan your long term development. And Kenza generated the perfect atmosphere to achieve this. She would kindly listen to my thoughts and impartially guide the conversation, so l would be the one proposing solutions and changes that are already impacting both on my personal and professional growth.

It was a great opportunity and I felt I was the one identifying areas of improvement and what I needed to change. I would highly recommend coaching with Kenza to top executives, it is really a career and personal changer.

Enrique.B, Director, Global Bank, Hong-Kong

Executive Coaching for a Marketing Manager

“What worked well? The trust and empathy generated from the first session. Her structure and clarity to express herself.

Since Coaching, there has been a before and after in my professional life. It has helped me acquire essential skills and tools to be able to work better with my team and in this particular team maximum collaboration is required.

It has helped me face people in their entire dimension, without overlooking anything.

For me, the best has been that I felt it was an existential experience and it can only be understood that way.

It has been a very intense developmental programme personally and professionally. It has helped me with self-awareness and to confront with determination new challenges, discovering and using new skills that improved my leadership.

It has been a unique experience, with great added value and I highly recommend it. Thank you Kenza.”

(Translated from Spanish)

C. S, Marketing Manager, Madrid

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