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We all have potential

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One of the best explanation of COACHING ever! Coaching is not about telling the guy what he should do...its helping the guys to get the best out of themselves... The idea is to bring the person through a learning experience where he can grow. Most of the time, you make him feel good, confident and help get him the belief to maximise his potential. It's a connection between two people... to push the right button and make sure he uses his full potential whatever it is..

New Collaboration in Spain

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Very excited to announce that I have become an Associate Coach Partner for Unlimited Potential in Spain. Unlimited Potential (UP) was founded in 2004 and has since grown rapidly over the last few years providing Coaching, Mentoring, Training & Leadership Development globally. UP has been taking people into the stretch zone - where transformational change happens, unlocking their performance wherever they are in the world. I am looking forward to working with this great brand and company, helping it to further develop its proposition in Spain. More on the link below:  

Article published – Returning to work

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The Life Coach Directory which was set up by a team in order to help and support when you truly need it. This counselling Directory promote the benefits of talking therapies and connect those in need with professional counsellors, psychotherapists and coaches. Last week, they published an article citing our Reinvent workshops, about Returning to work. You can read it here: BLOG

Reinvent Workshop Breakfast coming in September

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Free information session Come and share tea & coffee with us in a lovely garden. We will answer any questions you might have about our Career Workshop. The opportunity to meet us and see how we would work together to achieve your goals. With Anne & Kenza   We have been each individually supporting women in their life and career through therapy, counselling & coaching for many years and have decided to join in our efforts & experience to launch Reinvent.   We both took time out of our corporate career when we had children and retrained for a more fulfilling life-work balance. Anne has been a Psychotherapist and has been counselling expatriates and international women in London since 2003. Kenza after a 15-year corporate career has retrained as a career coach in 2013 and is supporting many international successful professionals in their corporate career in London. We know how hard it is to reinvent and recreate a home and a social group as well as managing a career in a foreign country.  

Best career advice to young professionals-Video of Jack Ma

By |2016-11-24T17:39:26+01:00March 21st, 2016|Career Coaching, Get inspired| Watch this video from Jack Ma. Not only it is the best career advice I have heard but it is also a sincere and profound statement about regrets in life. It made me think about my own career path... How about you? "Before 20 years old: Be a good student but make enough mistakes. Enjoy the ride. Before 30 years old: Follow somebody. Go to a small company. To learn passion and dreams. And learn to do a lot of things. It is not which company you go to but which boss to follow. From 30-40 years: Think about whether you want to work for yourself. Do you want to be an entrepreneur? From 40-50 years: You have to do all the things you are good at. Do not try to jump to a new area. Focus on your strengths. 50-60: Work with young people and invest in them After 60: Spend time for yourself.  

Quora is amazing!

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I have recently discovered Quora and it is so amazing that it has become my bedtime read every night. It does astonish me that people from every corner in the world ask and answer questions about literally everything! You get people from senior advisers to the WhiteHouse, to Sheryl Sandberg, Mums, Poets, University professors, or Hillary Clinton, answering questions of other millions people from anywhere in the world. Quora now claims that its site receives 80 million monthly unique visits, More on: It is more than another social tool for self-promotion and Marketing but it has also at the same time got experts to engage in its rollicking conversation and thus generating searchable and authoritative answers to thousands upon thousands of questions—then it may someday grab more pageviews than Wikipedia by filling in the gaps that no encyclopedia could ever address. It is also very addictive and I have started contributing myself to a subject that I really understand. I hope my answers get to help jobseekers in Mumbai, Casablanca, Paris or London! Here are some of my Quora answers:   More will follow....

5 reasons why you should hire a career coach in 2016

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2016 is expected to be a challenging year for job seekers, with the London market becoming increasingly competitive amidst a slowdown in growth[1]. That said, the outlook for highly skilled individuals and managerial staff[2] is positive whilst at least a third of London-based firms are upbeat and expect to grow over the next 12 months. The key to securing a job in such a competitive market is to remain dedicated, prepared, and focused. The additional challenge is that most of you will also be working full-time when you embark on this journey. That is where a career coach comes in. Why use the help of a Career Coach: 1- A career coach is a qualified professional whose sole purpose is to help you secure the right job for you and whose goals are exactly aligned to yours. Relative to the potential benefits you will get from having a career you want, and the time it will save you, hiring a career coach is a small investment.  2- A coach will help you avoid many of the common pitfalls that elude so many newcomers to the UK job market. Indeed, as much as the UK market is efficient and transparent, it also relies heavily on personal networks and is very different to France and most European countries. In the UK, recruiting happens mainly through 3 avenues: personal networks/referrals, direct approaches from recruiters who specialize by industry, and through applying for advertised jobs. As you can imagine, your chances of securing a job through the first two are much higher as competition is likely to be more limited. This is just one example of the kind of tips a career coach may be able to give you. Also, a coach [...]