Returning to work after a break can be challenging. Following a career break, we often start with a negative mind-set: low self-confidence and self-belief, lower salary expectations than before a career break and a broad and general anxiety over our past experiences.

However, there are so many examples of people who have successfully returned to work after years of caring for their family. For some women looking to re-enter the workforce, a full-time, stable job with benefits is the only path back. For others, re-entry needs to involve part-time, home- or project-based work.

Focus on your goals

Focus on your goals
We will help you  find what works for you and once you got your family life organised, you can focus on your professional goals.

Ask yourself Why?

Clarifying objectives

Why you want to go back to work?

We will help explore the deeper reasons: Is it it part of a long-term plan? Is it to get active in a meaningful way? or to explore new paths such as entrepreneurship for example?

Socialising and networking

We will help you get on track with that
Informing friends and family that you are returning to work will spread the work and make you commit even more to your goal.

Career 3.0 other services

How can Career Coaching help you? Helping individuals reach the next level in their career through unlocking their potential. More Info

Executive Coaching is a simple technique based on the use of one-to-one discussions to enhance an individual’s skills, knowledgeor work performance. Coaching objectives are high performance and improvement at work and usually focuses on specific skills and goals, although it may also have an impact on an individual’s personal attributes (such as emotional intelligence or confidence). More info

One-on-One sessions with an experienced coach and former headhunter/executive search consultant. You will be attentively listen to. More info


“Kenza has a unique skill at identifying development issues and raising self awareness whilst highlighting valuable insights of behaviour. She helped me understand recurring patterns in my approach to issues and set goals in a clear and measurable framework moving forward.”
Farzana Baduel, MD, Curzon PR
Few people have the opportunity to work with an outstanding coach—but I did when I met Kenza. I had the pleasure of being coached by her few months after I arrived in London as an expatriate.
D.B, Senior Lawyer

Why Choose Career 3.0

  • One-on-One sessions with an experienced coach and former headhunter/executive search consultant. You will be attentively listen to.

  • I can give you insights about your real talents (I can use competencies tests and other standardized psychometric tests used by employers and headhunters globally).

  • Make sure you are showing the best of yourself on social networks (Linkedin is key today in marketing your skills and finding out new opportunities).

  • CV writing/design/tips and polishing  (dramatically improve it if necessary).

  • I will make absolutely certain that you are able to succeed in your endeavours and therefore also aim to help in more “straight-forward” aspects of your career.