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The Key Questions To Ask At A Job Interview

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First, remember: ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’. Many recruiters make up their minds about a candidate within seconds of meeting them. You have the opportunity during the interview to build on that potential positive first impression or to change their mind. Part of this will involve asking intelligent and useful questions. My clients always ask me whether they should ask questions. How many question? Too many might seem to question the role and challenge the person too much specially if it is the first interview. First, try to create and build rapport. Building rapport may be more important than impressing with expertise. The interview is often less about your factual knowledge, more about “what are you like to work with?” This is easier to convey if you are in a discussion (two-way questions) rather than an interrogation (one-way questions). You can ask questions about their questions, provided they are intelligent ones and not too many. How you use your opportunity to ask questions? You need to find out as much as possible about the job and the process, including success criteria, tasks/structure, why the vacancy exists, why (if relevant) the last person left and how long they were in the job. Examples of good questions: Why is there a vacancy? What is the make-up of the team in terms of experience? What is the culture of the team? Who is your manager? And how do you work together? What interesting projects do you have planned for the next 6 months What is the most important thing I could do in the first 90 days to help What do you think makes company x stand out as an employer? What strengths and [...]

How coaching has impacted me: Story N#1 running 5K

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I have always admired runners I watched in the park or the ones running past me on the street. They all looked so focused, confident and content. I have started to see a coach 6 months ago. We worked together on a number of topics but one of the most important, was to help me believe more in myself. As a test to see whether I actually was, I decided to do something out of my comfort zone, that I never thought I could do but that I thought I would really enjoy! So, I have started running 4 months ago. I really couldn't run before: One minute into it and I was out of breath! I was also out of breath after a flight of stairs. I won't go into details in this article of how I have achieved it technically but as a result of beleiving-working on specific personal issues with my coach, I can now run 5K!! 4 months ago, I was really helpless at running and I am dreaming now of running marathons… Nothing is impossible! My other objective was also to reach the state of Flow, which is the ideal state you want to be when you coach! A state of absolute focus, ignoring ego, internal mental interferences and barriers. Your ideal self in a sense. Some can experience it by meditating, painting, singing, playing an instrument, or running! In general, while doing an activity you enjoy greatly and feel immersed in the process with no other external interference. You are then surely at your best at this moment. For a coach, it is about quieting all the noises around and listening attentively to your client, which should in turn [...]