Return to Work Coaching

Returning to Work Coaching

Returning to work after a break can be very challenging and daunting. Following a career break, we often start with a negative mind-set: low self-confidence and self-belief, lower salary expectations than before a career break and a broad and general anxiety over our past experiences.

However, there are so many examples of people who have successfully returned to work after years of caring for their family. For some individuals looking to re-enter the workforce, a full-time, stable job with benefits is the only path back. For others, re-entry needs to involve part-time, home- or project-based work.

Focus on your goals
We will help you find what works for you and once you got your family life organised, you can focus on your professional goals.
Clarifying objectives
We will help explore the deeper reasons for your return to work : Is it it part of a long-term plan? Is it to get active in a meaningful way? or to explore new paths such as entrepreneurship for example?
Socialising and Networking
Informing friends and family that you are returning to work will spread the work and make you commit even more to your goal.
How can coaching help you return to work?
  • One-on-One personalised sessions with a certified coach who has extensive headhunter & business experience
  • Reviewing and clarifying your real talents and mapping out your key strengths to reenter the market in a way that makes sense, while leveraging on your past experiences
  • Establishing a search strategy that makes you “marketable” again and on the radar of recruiters and companies.
  • Expert help for CV writing, design and templates, which will dramatically improve your chances to be called for interviews or pitch your business case.
  • You will receive on-going mentoring and coaching until you successfully re-enter the work force

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