Free information session

Come and share tea & coffee with us in a lovely garden. We will answer any questions you might have about our Career Workshop. The opportunity to meet us and see how we would work together to achieve your goals.

With Anne & Kenza


We have been each individually supporting women in their life and career through therapy, counselling & coaching for many years and have decided to join in our efforts & experience to launch Reinvent.


We both took time out of our corporate career when we had children and retrained for a more fulfilling life-work balance.

Anne has been a Psychotherapist and has been counselling expatriates and international women in London since 2003.

Kenza after a 15-year corporate career has retrained as a career coach in 2013 and is supporting many international successful professionals in their corporate career in London.

We know how hard it is to reinvent and recreate a home and a social group as well as managing a career in a foreign country.