About Kenza

Kenza Mekouar
There are no shortcuts to success in life but working with the right coach will ensure you get where you want to be as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Kenza has started her career in consulting at Deloitte in 2000. Subsequently, she worked in banking and later became an Executive Recruitment consultant between Madrid and London. She has extensive international experience as a Headhunter which gives her a unique edge as a Career Coach.

After a long and rigorous training in Executive Coaching, (The School of Coaching & University of Cambridge), in NLP (with the founder Dr. Richard Bandler) and in Counselling (Transpersonal psychotherapy), Kenza founded her own executive coaching company, Career 3.0 in London.

Since then, she is supporting many professionals develop their high powered global careers using the power of coaching conversations. Her energy, empathy and business experience successfully empowers her clients to apply the changes they are looking for.

Kenza specialises in developing communication skills, self-confidence, self-awareness and motivation. She is passionate about using the power of challenging conversations to enable meaningful and lasting change in people’s career.

She is helping clients across a wide range of industries in several companies such as Amazon, Ernst & Young, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Inditex, Prada Group, PWC, etc. and more specifically in Banking, Private Equity, New Tech, Renewable Energies and Luxury.

She is also collaborating with different companies worldwide helping their companies and executives achieve improved leadership and performance. In Spain, she has become the associate partner of  Unlimited Potential for example.


Clients say that they are motivated, energised and inspired as a result of the work together. They also say that she is empathic, supportive and sometimes challenging. She normally builds trusting, confidential and lasting relationships with her clients, helping them to develop greater self-awareness and fresher perspectives.

Kenza is an expert in Career Development in an international market working with professionals from all over the world, including Spain, the UK, France, Morocco, Luxembourg and the US.

Kenza is trilingual and can deliver coaching in English, Spanish and French.

Coaching Philosophy

Kenza’s coaching style has a direct impact on people’s emotional intelligence and confidence. Clients feel understood, they feel in a safe and non-judgemental space and often say her coaching is fun, insightful, highly motivating and energising. Her clients have been able to stretch their abilities, develop self-awareness, improve their leadership ability, implement a coaching culture in their team and maximise their potential in demanding international careers.

Coaching Services


In today’s ultra competitive job market there are few strategies that can make your career transition more effective. With my expertise in Recruitment and Career Coaching, I can help you find a new career path, develop a career progression strategy, clarify your career goals and aspirations and help you shed light on your key skills and areas of improvement.


Executive Coaching will enhance your leadership skills, self-awareness, team management skills, and communication style. The process usually consists of a programme of 6-8 personalised sessions of approximately 1h30. The process will invariably expand and extend your thinking, with continuous challenge, clear goals and objectives where you become accountable  for your own development and improvement. It is not only a journey to self-development, but also a definite tool to increasing performance, and ultimately a feeling of fulfilment.

Career Guidance Sessions focus on giving you the best possible strategy when going on a job hunt.  The sessions will help ease the process and get you where you want to be, faster and with less stress.  The guidance will help you plan adequately and efficiently your job search. This usually takes 2-3 sessions where we agree on the level of support your need.

Returning to work after a break can be challenging. Following a career break, we often start with a negative mind-set. After, 4 or 5 sessions, you will a have a strategy of how to successfully return to work. For some individuals, looking to re-enter the workforce, a full-time, stable job with benefits is the only path back. For others, re-entry needs to involve part-time, home- or project-based work.


Graduate coaching is the best way to ensure that graduates reach their true potential. I ensure that they get the right job, not just any job. The sessions will help them clarify the career they want and the steps needed to take to get there. This usually involves a combination of one-to-one coaching sessions, career guidance, and mentoring to start a successful professional life. 

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