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After a professional career in consulting, banking and executive resourcing, Kenza started a long and rigorous training in Executive Coaching, (The School of Coaching & University of Cambridge), in NLP and  in counselling.

In 2013, Kenza founded her own executive coaching company, Career 3.0 in London. Since then, she is helping many professionals using the power of coaching conversations to enable meaningful and lasting change in their career. Her energy, empathy and business knowledge successfully empowers her clients to apply the changes they are looking for. Kenza is an expert in Career Development and a certified Executive Coach in a global market working with professionals from all over the world, including Spain, the UK, France, Morocco, Luxembourg and the US.

Her clients have been able to stretch their abilities, develop self-awareness, improve their leadership ability, improve their communication style, implement a coaching culture in their team and maximise their potential in demanding international careers.

Kenza is trilingual and can deliver coaching in English, Spanish and French.

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Coaching is a thought provoking technique based on the use of one-to-one conversations to enhance an individual’s skills, knowledge or work performance. Coaching objectives usually focus on specific skills and goals, although it may also have an impact on an individual’s personal attributes (such as emotional intelligence or confidence). It’s for people who wants more from their career and their personal life.

A session is done usually in person or via Video Call. Prior to the session, we would have agreed on your objectives, your priorities/values and what areas of your career/life you would like to focus on.

A typical session will normally comprise periods of self reflection coupled with learning key insights into how to reach your goals. The focus of the sessions is determined by the client. We then try to solve the problems by asking the important questions and give structure to your thoughts.

When taking on a larger goal, I help you design a project and provide the support and structure needed to make sure goals are met. I try to bring out the best in you by providing perspective, setting high expectations, offering strategies and celebrating wins.

A typical session last between 1h30 and 2h. . The process can take 6 to 12 months and consists of approximately 4-6 full sessions. I will also be always available for short conversations on the phone during the programme and for follow-ups after the sessions have ended.

Your Coaching process usually starts with a free consultation whereby we meet or talk on the phone and establish a road map with your goals, learning goals and a timeline. Through our initial discussion you can establish what your priorities/values are and what areas of your career/life you would like to focus on. I, then send you a proposal with structure of the coaching programme, the cost and timeline.

This can and does happen but it is up to you to talk about it with your employer before the coaching starts. Usually companies are happy to contribute to the development of the employees and help them truly thrive in the organisation.

All the material we discuss in the session is totally confidential unless we both agree that someone else needs to be informed at some stage.


Yes, as a certified coach, I subscribe to the Globe Code Of Ethics, which is shared across different all the bodies, as signatories to this Code of Ethics. You can find a copy: Association of Coaching, Code of Ethics

We can use video call (Zoom) or meet in person depending on where you are based. I have two meeting places in London and Madrid

meeting space

London private meeting space.

meeting space

Madrid private meeting space.

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