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What is Graduate Coaching?

Ultimately as parents, we want our children to find an enjoyable job with excellent career  prospects, great training opportunities and means to become independent. Unfortunately, the transition from university into a graduate-level job is not that smooth for most. The reality is that a majority of graduates end up being underemployed and taking up positions that do not even require a degree or end up in careers they don’t really like. A majority also quit within the first 2 years, after realising that the job isn’t right for them.

We believe career coaching is the very best way to ensure that graduates reach their true potential. We ensure that they get the right job, while being congruent with their talents, values, resources and aspirations.

Discovering a career preference
It is essential to dive into what drives you and motivates you to thrive. We will also conduct a skill audit assessment to match these with the motivation.
Creating a Career Plan
We will design a personalised career map to get you in the direction of thriving industries, to ensure rapid progression of your career. A career that matches your abilities, but also a career that offers opportunities for progression and enjoyable work. This will help you feel much more optimistic about your future.
Getting you ready
We will help you write a CV, cover letters and a LinkedIn profile that tell a compelling and consistent story about who you are, what you want and what you can do. This will make you ready to apply to the right job opportunities and internships. Interview preparation is also part of the support.

Graduate coaching will help graduates land a great entry level job and make sure they succeed in that job. It will help them understand their unique skills, interests and values and then match them to suitable jobs and industries. It will also help them present the best version of themselves with a professional CV, cover letters and interview successfully.

It depends on your situation and which stage are you in your job hunt.  Some graduates only require 3-4 sessions specially if they already know what they want to do in their career. Others require more help and guidance to find the right job for them and will need around 6 sessions to make the progress required. That can take at least 6 months. The earliest you start, the better.

I am based between London and Madrid and we can have face to face sessions but most people prefers the flexibility of Video Calls.

We will start with an introductory free call to assess your needs and prepare a personalised career plan for you. After that, we can schedule sessions every two weeks (each session last around 1h30) to get you on a route inspired and happy.

It depends on how much help you  need. For example, you may just wish to develop an effective CV and prepare for interviews. In which case, Graduate coaching will be £400. Or, you might want to spend a bit more money, and opt for a complete Graduate Coaching programme that involves everything mentioned earlier (skills assessment, talent mapping, etc.). Whichever you choose, fees include access to on-going telephone support, as well as access to a wealth of information and career tools.

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